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The active substance of both the original Cialis and its generics is Tadalafil. It would seem that the difference between Cialis at a dosage of 5 and 20 mg is only in the strength of its effect on potency. However, comparing Cialis 5 mg and Cialis 20 mg in more detail, it becomes obvious that these are quite different drugs with different philosophies of use. If you try to recommend Cialis 20 mg to a sexually active man, then, based on the instructions, the doctor may prescribe him to take it only every other day.

It is known that Tadalafil remains in the system up to 36 hours. Thus, an 8-hour interval appears when the patient’s body will not experience the effect of the active substance, and a man can get into an unpleasant situation, forgetting about it and hoping for the effect of the drug. This is excluded when using Cialis 5 mg, because the concentration of this drug doesn’t change due to daily use, remaining at a stable level, and the effectiveness of the drug doesn’t fall. As for the reason why both doctors and patients choose generics over branded medicines, the reasons are obvious: the low cost of generics, which makes long-term therapy possible without much damage to the patient’s wallet. Cheap generic Cialis at https://website-pace.net/en_GB/cheap-generic-cialis has given tens of thousands of men the chance to return to a normal sex life even after a radical prostatectomy.

According to scientific studies, the use of Tadalafil more often, for example, daily, like Cialis 5 mg, a man gets a better result in the frequency of spontaneous night or morning erections compared to Cialis 20 mg or Viagra 100 mg. The pattern is as follows: the more often the patient takes a PDE-5 inhibitor, the better the effect due to the stable level of Tadalafil in the blood. In addition, with daily intake in more than half of men with impaired potency, complete normalization of erectile function occurs, i.e. they have no signs of illness and feel healthy.

The psychological state of men taking Tadalafil at a dosage of 5 mg and 20 mg is different. Patients who take the drug daily are less concerned about the duration of the drug’s action, the speed of the onset of the effect, and the spontaneity of sexual activity. A man does not worry if the pill he has taken will work. The same cannot be said for the effect of the same remedy when taken on demand.

What are the reasons for the greater effectiveness of Cialis 5 mg for daily use compared to prescribing it at a dosage of 20 mg on demand?
Firstly, in men taking 5 mg of Tadalafil, the morning erection is restored, it occurs more often. The man at the same time again feels sexually active.
Secondly, the drug at a dosage of 5 mg is easier to use, since it does not need to be taken on a daily basis. Very few men take Tadalafil correctly on demand because it can be easy to forget how long before sexual intercourse the medication should be taken. In addition, when taking the drug at a dosage of 5 mg, discipline is developed in the treatment. Namely, methodical long-term treatment is the key to success in severe patients with radical prostatectomy, naturally nerve-sparing.

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