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Retirement Status

LPC-Retirement Status in West Virginia Application & Renewal Materials

This page outlines the requirements for application and maintaining LPC-Retirement Status for the Board. After reviewing the material, if you have further questions, please contact us.
Series 1, LPC Licensing Rule includes the requirements for the LPC-Retirement Status. While in retirement status, the licensee shall follow the requirements detailed in section 27-1-16 -Retirement Status.

The LPC-Retirement Status

§27-1-16. Retirement Status.
16.1. Before the Board will consider the licensee for retirement status, the licensee shall submit, no sooner than two (2) weeks prior to June 30 of every odd-numbered year, a retirement application packet, in a format designated by the Board, containing all of the following information:
16.1.a. A completed retirement status application on a form provided by the board;
16.1.b. A copy of the recording form documenting all the individual continuing education offerings completed by the licensee on a form provided by the board;
16.1.c. Copies of all certificates of completion corresponding with the documentation provided on the recording form; and,
16.1.d. The appropriate fee, as set forth in Series 2, LPC Fee Rules. ($72.50)