Becoming a Licensed Counselor or Therapist

Becoming a Licensed Counselor in West Virginia

If you are interested in becoming a licensed professional counselor or therapist in West Virginia, you will find the information located here.

Applicants for LPC and MFT Licensure

Individuals currently licensed in another state (licensed at the highest level in your state and have completed all supervision and exam requirement), will need to complete a LPC or LMFT Endorsement Application.

Licensed Professional Counselors practicing marriage and family counseling

Licensed Professional Counselors in West Virginia who are aptly trained in marriage and family counseling and practice marriage and family counseling may continue to do so as an LPC.
If you are not a formally Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, you may not reference that distinction in your credentials or advertisements. It is acceptable to promote and or advertise yourself as a Licensed Professional Counselor who provides marriage and family counseling.
Ohio applicants, please note, the “Ohio LPCC” is equivalent to the “LPC” licensure in WV. If you are licensed as an LPC in Ohio, it is equivalent to the Provisionally Licensed Counselor in WV, which means supervision requirements have not been completed. Ohio LPC applicants will need to submit the standard LPC application for licensure.
Applicants must submit a completed application with the board office before permission is granted to take the National Counselor Exam or receiving a provisional licensure certificate. The WVBEC also accepts the CRC and NCMHCE exams. If you have already taken and passed the NCE, CRC or NCMHCE exam, please request the scores be sent to the Board.

CRC or NCMHCE exam. If you have already taken and passed the NCE exam, please request NBCC forward your scores to the Board address below.

If you have additional questions, please email the Board.