West Virginia Board of Examiners in Counseling


Notice of proposed changes to current WVBEC legislative and procedural rules.  Please Click here to review the proposed rule changes. 

Notice to the LPC with an expiration date of 6/30/2015:  Series 3., section 9 of LPC Renewal Rules states the following: All licensees not renewed by the renewal date each renewal cycle shall expire.  Any individual who has not renewed his or her license and who continues to practice after his or her license has been expired will be deemed guilty of unlicensed practice.

Please click here for your options to continue the practice of counseling in WV.

Notice of LPC Renewal Audit.  

Beginning on the third renewal cycle for each licensee, the board will monitor a licensee's compliance with continuing education requirements by the use of random audit. Those selected for the random audit will be notified and required to submit a copy of their completed renewal, recording form AND copies of certifcates of completion. Please review this section of Series 3, LPC Renewal Rule for more information.

If you received notification of the audit and you do not have a copy of your LPC Renewal Application, please click here to download.   

Click here to download the LPC CE Recording Form

IMPORTANT: If there are any changes to licensee's or applicant's email address or other contact information, including employment information, please complete and forward the 'Update Form' located on our website at the 'Change Address/Name' tab. Please mail your completed form to the board address.  Thank you.

We thank you and appreciate your patience during this very busy audit period.

Please check back periodically for important notices and updates.  Thank you. 

Last updated 1.5.16